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44 [forty-four]

Going out in the evening
44 [kırk dört]

Gece çıkmak
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Is there a disco here?
Is there a nightclub here?
Is there a pub here?
What’s playing at the theatre / theater (am.) this evening?
What’s playing at the cinema / movies (am.) this evening?
What’s on TV this evening?
Are tickets for the theatre / theater (am.) still available?
Are tickets for the cinema / movies (am.) still available?
Are tickets for the football / soccer am. game still available?
I want to sit in the back.
I want to sit somewhere in the middle.
I want to sit at the front.
Could you recommend something?
When does the show begin?
Can you get me a ticket?
Is there a golf course nearby?
Is there a tennis court nearby?
Is there an indoor swimming pool nearby?
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