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97 [ninety-seven]

Conjunctions 4
97 [devedeset i sedam]

Veznici 4
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He fell asleep although the TV was on.
He stayed a while although it was late.
He didn’t come although we had made an appointment.
The TV was on. Nevertheless, he fell asleep.
It was already late. Nevertheless, he stayed a while.
We had made an appointment. Nevertheless, he didn’t come.
Although he has no license, he drives the car.
Although the road is slippery, he drives so fast.
Although he is drunk, he rides his bicycle.
Despite having no licence / license (am.), he drives the car.
Despite the road being slippery, he drives fast.
Despite being drunk, he rides the bike.
Although she went to college, she can’t find a job.
Although she is in pain, she doesn’t go to the doctor.
Although she has no money, she buys a car.
She went to college. Nevertheless, she can’t find a job.
She is in pain. Nevertheless, she doesn’t go to the doctor.
She has no money. Nevertheless, she buys a car.
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